Day After Day

Tell me


Waiting a sun that I know it will never rise,
waiting for a better time
I came as a settler to live in a foreign land,
trying to built my own life
Living alone in a place where I got no friends,
living alone without love
I'm trying and trying to find just a friendly face,
where I can easily smile
But tell me how can I smile?
Tell me how can I lie?
Sitting alone in a darkness and empty room
Waiting and waiting the sun, and waiting the sun
I dream every night but my mind in a show-trip
I fly every night back to Greece
I remember the sky and the country where I was born
the beaches and the deep blue sea
Day after day is getting closer is never meet,
but still I’ve got nothing to say
I came as a settler to live in this foreign land
and hope I'll make it one day